A series of Warner Robins car break-ins has people in the International City taking notice.

About 30 cars were broken into between Saturday and Monday, according to Warner Robins police reports.

Many of them happen at night and police say it's not unusual to see them spike during the holidays.

Data shows they were much more common in some areas than in others.

Four break-ins were reported over the time period on Southland Station Drive. Several more were reported in neighborhoods near Marion Way. At least a half dozen happened in apartment complexes near Leisure Lake Drive.

The big apartment parking lots can be a tempting target, with so many cars parked close together, but the break-ins didn't only happen at apartments.

"At my house, somebody stole my car," said Crecia Wilson.

Wilson lives on Brentwood Drive, a sleepy cul de sac off Feagin Mill Road. She said her son Cole Simmons' car was parked outside the house Friday night.

"It was locked," recalled Simmons.

But according to a Warner Robins police report, that didn't stop someone from breaking into it. The family says the perpetrator then drove away with the car.

Wilson says her family found out what happened after they watched a home surveillance video recording.

"We were shocked," she said. "It seems like so much crime lately."

You can't stop every single crime from happening, but Warner Robins police say there are steps you can take to reduce the chances someone swipes your ride.

  • Lock your car when you're not in it.
  • Don't leave valuables out in plain sight.
  • If you're doing holiday shopping, don't leave gifts unattended and visible to passersby.

Still though, sometimes thieves find a way--like they did with Simmons' locked car.

"It'll definitely be something I think about," he said. "It can happen to anyone."

Cole and his mom added that law enforcement told them they had recovered his car, but they couldn't return it just yet, because it could be used for evidence.

In the Leisure Lake Drive area, Warner Robins police say they arrested 5 teenagers for breaking into cars. They all face multiple criminal charges.