A 19-year-old drowned her baby after trying to get him to stop crying overnight on Friday.

Madison Lee Stewart was charged with malice murder in the drowning of her 16-month-old boy, according to Sergeant Heath Collins with the Houston County Sheriff's Office.

He says the drowning happened overnight at a safe house in Warner Robins.

Stewart reportedly got up because the baby was crying.

At some point, she went to the bathroom to get him to stop and filled the tub with water, submerging him underwater and drowning him to death.

"She was stressed and had been going through a lot," Collins said."She had some anger issues and her statement was that she was stressed and drowned the baby."

Collins says if parents are struggling or overwhelmed, there are people willing to help.

"If you're having a hard time, reach out to someone. There are people out there that will help," Collins said. "We at the sheriff's office, or DFCS, we're going to help you. Just reach out to someone, that's the most important thing."