A Warner Robins cancer survivor has a new mission -- to help improve cancer care for those still fighting for their lives.

"Know your own body. Be your own voice; because the life you may save or the life you could save may be your own. I saved mine,” says cancer survivor Rachel Ferraris.

Ferraris saved her own life 10 years ago when she found a lump in her breast.

"What the first doctor thought was nothing was actually a two-and-a-half centimeter tumor,” recalls Ferraris.

After a decade of being cancer-free, she is finding ways to give back to those that are still fighting. Ferraris is championing for Medicare to cover the Pact Act. She is taking that her fight all the way to Capitol Hill.

“It requires Medicare to pay, have a billing code so that physicians and oncologists can bill to create a cancer care plan,” explains Ferraris.

Ferraris has been to the Capitol at least nine times in hopes of convincing Congress to vote on the Pact Act.

"Over the last ten years, I've just been blown away with opportunities because of my cancer diagnosis. I know that it's God using me to bring somebody out of that darkness,” says Ferraris.

She says the word "courage" got her through her battle with cancer. Now, she has the "courage" to fight for others cancer treatment.

Ferraris says you can go to the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship website at to sign support to send to your congressman. She also runs a cancer Q & A on Facebook called the Youth Survivor Coalition of Central Georgia.