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16 Tesla charging stations at Houston County Buc-ee's almost ready to be used

Right now, they are not operable. A Buc-ee's employee on site said they could be ready to use Friday.

HOUSTON COUNTY, Ga. — Electric vehicle charging stations are popping up across the country, and now, Tesla has dropped some in Houston County, so in the coming days, you might see more Tesla cars near Russell Parkway.

"They'll probably be at least half full most of the time," Roy Gillin said.

Gillin owns a Model Y Performance Tesla.

Soon, he'll be charging up at Buc-ee's.

"Normally, there's about eight -- that's the average, but 16 is over the top," Gillin said.

16 almost-ready-to-be-used Tesla charging stations are installed in the back of the Buc-ee's parking lot.

"It's pure genius, because you're going to be here for about 20-25 minutes with nothing to do, unless you just want to watch movies, so you obviously go inside, roam around and do a little shopping," Gillin said.

Marsha Buzzell with the Warner Robins Convention & Visitors Bureau says the new charging stations are going to help people in Houston County.

"Particularly, now that Governor Kemp signed off on a manufacture coming here to the state of Georgia to create electric vehicles. The automobile industry is going that way. It also helps every aspect of the hospitality industry. Hotels are adding them to their property, too," Buzzell said.

Buzzell says they'll also help those just driving through.

"Buc-ee's is on top of it. Someone leaving California and coming to the east coast; and it pretty much was a desert of electric vehicle stations. There is range anxiety. I mean, there really is. Where are they going to gas up, or in this case charge up?" Buzzell said.

"All the major highways are covered by Tesla, so you can make it pretty much anywhere in the USA, but there are deserts out in the country and there is nowhere to charge. You're pretty much stuck," Gillin said.

Gillin says he can charge up on Tom Hill Senior Boulevard in Macon, at nearby dealerships, by Warner Robins City Hall, or at his home.

But now, the new charging stations will eventually put Houston County on Tesla drivers' charging-location apps.

"Before you would see one or two Teslas around town, maybe one or day. Now, I am seeing half a dozen a day, so they're populating," Gillin said.

All day Tuesday, there were a few Flint Energies trucks working to get them ready for the public.

As of now, they're not operable.

13WMAZ contacted Tesla but did not hear back from them. 

A Buc-ee's employee on site says they could be ready to use by Friday.

Gillin says it could cost you around $18 to $20 to use depending on how low your battery is.

The charging stations can only charge Tesla electric vehicles.


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