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30 companies show up for Robins Regional Chamber job fair

Job opportunities include Robins Air Force Base, the school system, the hospital, senior living homes, and more.

WARNER ROBINS, Ga. — Warner Robins is continuing to grow jobs and put people to work.

On Thursday, more than 30 companies showed up to Robins Regional Chamber's job fair.

"It's time to get people back into the economy," Jessica Wilson said.

Wilson works for Booz Allen Hamilton as their Chief Technologist.

She says it's Booz Allen Hamilton's first time setting up at a Robins Regional Chamber job fair.

"It was time for us to take advantage of those opportunities. We're looking for people who have software development background, people who have a CISSP for cybersecurity, anybody that has an engineering background, specifically in electrical engineering; and again, software development. We are also looking for people with a logistics background. Prior military and veterans are a lot of the people that we like to cater to," Wilson said.

They're not the only company looking to take advantage.

Other available jobs are with Robins Air Force Base, the school system, the hospital, senior living homes, and more.

"We're very grateful to be a part of this to reach out to the community, and hire local citizens, hopefully. Right now, we have roughly 28 CNA positions, two LPN positions. We are hiring for all shifts for CNA; and 7 a.m .to 7 p.m. nurses," Dana Cook Padgett said.

Padgett works at Summerhill Senior Living Community.

Georgia Department of Labor Commissioner Mark Butler says "the word has gotten out," about the job opportunities in Central Georgia.

"We actually recovered much quicker than other states did," Butler said.

Butler says there are about 50,000 fewer unemployed people, and about 150,000 more working than a year ago.

"That number is very good. That also means you're getting a lot more individuals coming into the workforce. Even though we do have more people employed today than a year ago, we actually have fewer people in the workforce. That means individuals either working or actively looking for work, but we have a lot more jobs today, so that's really not a good formula if you're the employer. You want that number of individuals in the workforce to go up roughly the same number of jobs you are creating, but that's not what we're seeing. We're actually seeing it kind of almost being the polar opposite. There are actually a lot more job opportunities in the Warner Robins area than actual people looking," Butler said.

Robins Regional Chamber President and CEO April Bragg says the job fair gives Houston County companies exposure they wouldn't otherwise get.

"We've been marketing the jobs that are available through our social media platforms for several weeks now, highlighting the hiring links for each of our employers; and the jobs aren't going to all get filled overnight, so there is still ample time for people to connect even if they weren't able to join us today," Bragg said.

"What we are doing here in this community is going to help Robins Air Force Base. It's going to help Houston County. It's going help Middle Georgia, and so being a part of this job fair, is just one small part of a larger philanthropic for our firm," Wilson said.

Bragg says between the last three job fairs, nearly 2,000 people showed up looking for a job.

"That track record alone is a reason for us to keep doing this. Even if our turnout in any given event isn't as strong, the jobs are still there, the need is still there, and there are a lot of people looking for employment opportunities," Bragg said.

You can find a list of available jobs positions on the Robins Regional Chambers Facebook page, linked here.


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