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Robins Air Force Base preparing for possible deployment amid Russia-Ukraine tensions

The US put 10 military bases on high alert to possibly deploy to Eastern Europe.

ROBINS AIR FORCE BASE, Ga. — "The US will stand shoulder to shoulder with NATO allies, including reinforcing security on NATO's eastern flank. As you know, we placed thousands of troops on prepare to deploy orders earlier this week. If NATO activates its response forces, troops will be ready to go," said US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.

Robins Air Force Base here in Central Georgia, and Fort Stewart near Savannah are two of the eight bases readying forces for a possible deployment.

The comes as tensions between Russia and Ukraine continue to grow.

We went to Warner Robins to find out what this means, and how it's affecting families here at home. 

The US put 10 military bases on high alert to possibly deploy to Eastern Europe. Robins Air Force Base is one of them.

Joe Reed served in the military for 28 years. He was stationed at Robins Air Force Base twice. Now, he is a retired lieutenant colonel.

"Something that I wanted to do. I'd seen family members and relatives do it," said Reed.

In the middle of his career, Reed went through high-alert periods during the Gulf War and 9/11.

Reed said, "Worked numerous combat missions in support of the troops on the ground again, and to ensure their safety in JSTARS, because that's what we did."

This means certain military personnel, like those who work under JSTARS, a group who manages an aircraft surveillance system, are preparing to leave.

Reed said, "It will have an impact on the families, and it's something that I know folks are preparing in case they have to go out the door to support this operation."

He says in this case they are developing a state of readiness to launch over to the Russian-Ukraine border and support troops on the ground if needed. This comes as the Pentagon says Russian troops are increasing their presence on the Ukraine border.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken said, "We've laid out a diplomatic path. We've lined up steep consequences, should Russia choose further aggression."

"We're preparing for a battlefield for something that could come. Obviously, that's in the hands of our politicians and, obviously, Russia on what they choose to do," Reed said.

13WMAZ reached out to the base, but they were unable to comment.

While Russian troops continue to mass near the Ukrainian border, Russia's foreign minister is now declaring there will be no war, but he warned that Moscow will defend its interests. The Ukrainian government has consistently been urging calm, hoping to keep those in the country from panicking.

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