WARNER ROBINS, Ga. — Some Central Georgia Athletes have been putting in work on the field and at the park -- the water park, that is.

Deonte Lowe, a linebacker at Northside High, Houston County High wide receiver Isaia Harris and Windsor Academy softball 3rd baseman Alanie Chandler are just a few athletes making a splash at Rigby's Water World.

"I knew most of my friends work here and I wanted to make some money. I'm tired of asking my parents and them telling me, 'No,'" said Lowe.

The athletes spend their mornings working at Rigby's, but they spend their afternoons at practice getting ready for their individual seasons.

"Oh, I love the process, working here, making that money and then going to practice where I'm surrounded by my teammates. It's fun," Harris said.

The days working both shifts can be long ones from sunup to sundown. Chandler said some days she works all day before heading to practice.

You wake up, make sure you eat a good breakfast, hydrate all day long and then my practices, they start at 4:00, so I get off at 2:15, 2:30. I try and lay down and rest for as long as I can, hydrate, then get up and go to practice and work my butt off," she said.

While the football players are coworkers during the summer, they said it'll be all business under the lights this fall.

"We're going to talk a little trash to each other, but we're going to find out when the season comes 'cause, I mean, Northside is going to win either way it goes," Lowe said.

There's one thing competition can't replace -- a paycheck.

"I'm gonna miss it, for real. I'm going to make that money on the field," Harris said.

Windsor Academy softball begins their season August 6th against The Westside School. The Friday Night lights will soon light up for football season. Tune in for our first Football Friday Night on August 23rd. Houston County and Northside won't play each other until the very end of the regular season on November 8th.