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Fire department urges safety after lightning strikes Warner Robins home

According to Warner Robins Fire Inspector Artis Powell, lightning can be dangerous, even if you're indoors.

WARNER ROBINS, Ga. — Recent summer storms have produced thousands of lightning strikes, throughout our area, and last week, lightning stuck three different homes in Warner Robins and one apartment complex.

On the top of the roof, there is a black, smoky, ashy spot where the lightning struck the house, but the damage inside is far worse.

Just before 10 p.m., on July 4, lightning struck Deanna Wooten's roof on Briardale Avenue.

"You don't think that it would happen to you and just that quick," Wooten said.

The lightning caused a fire, leaving holes throughout the ceiling and water damage.

"Their baby blankets and stuff like that," Wooten said. "You know, it can't be replaced, but I know my life can't be replaced. It's just those memories."

According to Warner Robins Fire Inspector Artis Powell, lightning can be dangerous, even if you're indoors.

"If you hear thunder roar, go indoors," Powell said.

He says, within the home, lightning can travel through your sink, faucets, bathroom; and anything corded, like your landline or phone charger, so when there's lightning, he recommends staying away from windows, doors, and water.

"If you can remember those couple of tips about lightning outside as well as indoors, that'll keep you safe as possible, even though accidents do happen," Powell said.

Wooten said she was not home when it happened and her two dogs are safe.

"They had other fires to contain, but they took the time for this. They didn't stop until they found Stella and they came out with my dog, and it was just like a good feeling," Wooten said.

Firefighters and city employees had to turn off the water, electricity, and sewer.

Wooten won't be able to live here until the damage is fixed.

Wooten said had she been home, her smoke detector would've told her something was wrong.

Powell says the Warner Robins Fire Department will install a free smoke detector for you to give you an early indication something is wrong.

All you have to do is call them at 478-293-1031.

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