ATLANTA — The Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles has once again denied parole for the man considered the main suspect in the Atlanta Child Murders. 

Spokesperson Steve Hayes says the board released the decision on Monday, Dec. 2, after giving time to inform Wayne Williams first. 

Williams was convicted in the 1981 murders of two Atlanta men, but police considered him a suspect in more than 20 of the child murders in Atlanta between 1979 and 1981.

Though Williams is currently serving two life sentences in jail after being convicted of killing two men, he was never tried for any of the child murders.  

Prosecutors did use fiber evidence in his trial for the two murders to try and link Williams to the child killings, but because he was never tried in court, doubt still lingers of whether he was actually the one responsible for the dozens of disappearances and deaths. Nearly four decades later, the discussion continues, and Wayne Williams is still in prison.

He's currently locked up in Telfair State Prison near McRae in Central Georgia. 

He won't be considered for parole again until November 2027. That's the maximum allowed by the board. 

In the denial letter to Williams, the board members said they didn't believe Williams had served enough time "given the nature and circumstances" of the crimes he committed.


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