At this time last year, Bibb County Sheriff David Davis says there had only been two homicides in Macon-Bibb.

After a violent weekend, we are already up to 5 homicides in 2018.

“We are better than this... The Macon-Bibb community is better than this," says Davis. “We as a community should mourn the fact that we have this level of violence.”

The violence turned into three homicides across town, all within 48 hours.

Chris Riley lives on Linden Avenue, just two blocks from Carling Avenue. That's where 33-year-old Javaris Brown was found shot to death in a car Sunday afternoon.

“It just seems like another day in the neighborhood at this point," says Riley. “We saw a few police officers that taped off over the bridge area that goes over past Mercer Village.”

“That’s sort of a drug area," says Davis.

Davis says the shooting is still under investigation, but it could be drug-related.

“It’s extremely concerning, you know just wake up every day, get to school, go through the normal routine, not get shot," say Riley.

But that’s just one fatal case that deputies are still investigating. Early Saturday morning, a group of teens got into a gunfight on Walnut Street.

Two teens were hospitalized and one was killed. Three of them are charged with armed robbery and murder.

And on Friday night deputies were called to a home on Westmount Road where a 16-year-old allegedly choked his 20-year-old sister to death.

“We’re seeing things like this in other areas that we’re not used to seeing -- Warner Robins, Dooly, Macon County," says Davis.

Davis says while many places in Central Georgia have seen an uptick in crime this year, everyone who lives in these communities should work to be good role models around their neighborhoods.

"All of us bear some responsibility to come forward and make a difference, whether it’s us in law enforcement -- we’re working to solve these crimes -- and if there’s people that can pump some education and some economic development in some of these neighborhoods that have been ignored and neglected, maybe it’s time to start doing some of that," says Davis.

Davis says one group that could take more responsibility are parents, noting that two of these three cases involved violent teenagers.

If you have any information on these three cases, you are asked to call the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office at 478-751-7500.