Windy conditions blew away hope for those looking to get burn permits in Macon-Bibb Monday.

Brenda Thomas, Director at Macon-Bibb Fire Prevention, says it's all for your safety.

"Say if someone burned today and there's high wind, that wind can jump and go different places, that fire can jump, get them as well, and these fires can go on someone else's home and catch their house on fire," said Thomas.

Permits must be obtained, or a ticket will be given out.

Thomas says the process isn't hard, and they're glad to give them when needed.

Permits can be obtained by calling the Macon-Bibb Fire Prevention Bureau Monday through Friday between 9a.m and 3 p.m., or on Saturday by calling your local fire department. Burning is not allowed on Sunday.

Once a permit is received, there are guidelines for the burn, too.

"It must be 25 feet away from the structure. It's for small piles no more than 4 feet tall and four feet wide. There has to be a water source out there and have to have it attended at all times, never leave it unattended, and it must be out before dark," Thomas says.

Such debris lies in Danny Jackson's yard.

Jackson says he's OK with following the rules.

"As far as the leaves, I've got them in a big pile, I will burn those, but I'm not gonna burn them until the burn notice is gone."

Despite the frustration that the Irma recovery process has brought to Macon, Jackson is patient and thankful.

"I think the city did a good job in cleaning up, really I do, and anyway I could've helped clean up the community, I would have," Jackson says.

The community is waiting for the wind to dwindle so Irma's aftermath can finally be a thing of the past.