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Weather Works: The differences between Meteorological and Astronomical Spring

Meteorologist Taylor Stephenson explains the reasoning behind the two different starts to spring in this episode of "Weather Works."

MACON, Ga. — On the first day of March, meteorologists celebrate the beginning of meteorological spring. But the astronomical spring is the one that you're probably used to hearing, the season that starts in the middle of the month. Here are the differences between the two.

Meteorologists signify March 1 as the transition day between cooler and warmer temperatures. The first day of March was also chosen because normal seasons vary in length. 

To keep all seasons an equal length of time, the meteorological season starts on the first day of every third month: March, June, September and December.

Astronomical spring, on the other hand, is dependent on Earth's orbit and when we reach the spring equinox. The actual date of normal spring can vary from year to year, but it does fall somewhere around March 20.

So, meteorologists like to make things as easy as possible.

Those are the differences between meteorological and astronomical spring. Either way, enjoy all of the blooming flowers!

That's how your weather works!


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