PERRY, Ga. — Tuesday afternoon, a number of homes and people were affected by a storm that swept through Central Georgia.

Bonnie and Benny Little have lived in their house along Highway 41 South in Perry for over 40 years. Tuesday, they got a phone call from a neighbor saying a tree fell on their home.

"We weren't at home when it happened. Our next door neighbor called and told me that a tree had fell on the side of the house. I thought it had been a big tree, but when I got here, I just found a large limb," says Benny Little.

The limb caused only minor damage to a window and the roof, but nothing else.

However, their neighbor just up the road wasn't as fortunate.

The mobile home was completely split in half by a large tree that fell. The owner of the home was still there trying to clean up some of the mess it caused. 

The tree has yet to be removed as of Tuesday night. The homes along with 2533 block of 41 South had the power turned off by Flint Energies due to the downed power lines.

Further into Perry on Sugarloaf Parkway, one family's trampolines were thrown into trees and a neighboring yard two doors down.

Shan Williams, the trampoline owner, says, "I was shocked that it actually moved that far and there was that much debris and damage going around. But I'm very, very thankful that my kids were OK." 

Her daughter, Chloe, was still in school when the storm happened, but she came home just in time to see the trampolines.

Other damage included fallen trees and silos along Perry Parkway.