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Wesleyan's 26th president hopes to give the college a greater presence in Central Georgia

President Blight took to the podium at Pierce Chapel at Wesleyan Friday afternoon.

MACON, Ga. — Wesleyan College was founded in 1836. Friday afternoon, they welcomed their 26th president, Meaghan Blight.

Not only does Blight want to recruit great students to the all-women's liberal arts school, she wants to have a bigger presence in Central Georgia.

"I think the campus is beautiful -- I was quite speechless when I set foot on it," Meaghan said with a smile, "And when I drove by last night, my second time on campus, I kind of gasped that I actually get to run the place."

President Blight took to the podium at Pierce Chapel at Wesleyan Friday afternoon.

She is clear that she wants to recruit students from all over the world.

"Wesleyan has a distinct mission and that is to accelerate equality for women," she stated.

The campus sits on 200 acres on Forsyth Road. People pass the picturesque plot every day, but Blight realizes that Wesleyan isn't a household name.

"We need to advertise more. I've been walking around Macon and I don't see much of the presence of Wesleyan -- we need to be talking about it," she projected.

She figures athletics is a way to get people talking about the Wolverines.

After all, when is the last time you caught a softball game?

"We need to get our athletes into the community and sharing their stories so people understand we have high-achieving athletes here at Wesleyan that are going to put on amazing sporting events that are exciting to watch," she said.

Blight loved the trees and the buildings on campus, but she also came here to support Wesleyan's rich tradition.

The liberal arts school dates back to 1836 and the land sits on the National Registry of Historic Places.

Now with a new President at the helm, people may comprehend more of what the college is about.

Blight says she is not an academic. Before coming to Wesleyan she served as a Vice President at a liberal arts college in Ontario, Canada. Her job responsibilities included marketing, fundraising, and recruiting.

Blight also has two little boys and she has coached their baseball teams.

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