Like many parents across Central Georgia, Karen Robertson works fulltime and this week’s winter weather made things a little difficult.

“Anytime you get snow in Macon, it’s always a little fun, but it also presents lots of challenges with childcare,” Robertson said. “Certainly when the schools are closed, you have to make a decision about what are you going to do with your kids.”

On Thursday, she brought her second grader Jude to work with her.

Just this school year, Bibb County students have missed five days because of Tropical Storm Irma -- two of which they made up.

Now, they've added two more days to that list after snow fell throughout the county.

“My street was fine, but there were probably streets that weren’t, so I’m okay with a little minor inconvenience if it keeps kids safe,” Robertson said.

Bibb Superintendent Curtis Jones says that’s what it comes down to.

“Everybody knows that students should be in school for about 180 days, but based on conditions, we’re now able to determine what’s in the best interest of our students for our school district,” Jones said.

He says right now they are still deciding on a final plan, but Jones has an idea of what he wants to do.

“If we have no more days out, I think we will be okay,” Jones said. “I need to talk to principals, and teachers and see what it is they believe. At the current point, I’m thinking we will probably not make up these two days.”

Jones says if students miss more days, they do have the ability to have school made up on a Saturday.