A proposed budget for Houston County reveals no tax increases along with a cost of living increase for all employees.

Houston County Commission Chairman Tommy Stalnaker says the 2019 budget is one of the most difficult ones his county has had to make in the last couple of years.

The budget doesn't include any tax cuts which should make people happy, but not everyone feels that way.

Erikka Williams who works at the District Attorney's office says something needs to be done to increase revenue and give government employees a merit increase

“It's ten years without a plan on how we can get merit raises back for our long-serving employees,”said Williams.

Stalnaker says because of a tax cap put into place over 30 years ago, they don't have revenue to increase merit pay, and commissioners don't want to cut into employee benefits packages..

“I challenge any employee to find a better health plan than is provided to the employees in this county and retirement the very best retirement you can have,” said Stalnaker.

While some employees are asking for the merit increase, Stalnaker says if the money was there, he would love to give it out, but it's more important to stay out of debt.

Employees will receive a two percent cost of living increase as part of the new budget.

The Commissioners plan to adopt the 2019 budget during their meeting next Tuesday.