Over a three-day span, several violent crimes happened near Mercer University.

Thursday, students were able to walk around campus for the first time in two weeks knowing the man accused of those crimes is behind bars. Wednesday, 41-year-old Quentin Sanders, from Macon County, was arrested and charged with several violent crimes.

Hanna Oliveto says she never used to think twice about walking around Mercer's campus.

“I used to just walk round campus at night and not really worry about anything,” says Oliveto.

However, two weeks ago she says that changed.

“It was really scary. I mean, I remember when I first heard about it. I was going out and waiting for my girlfriends to come, and my girlfriend was like, ‘Stay in the car. If someone comes up to your car, just drive away,’” says Oliveto.

Mercer University President Bill Underwood sent a statement saying a man fired six shots at a group of current and former students near Mercer Village.

Sophomore Anish Sutaria says he will never forget that night.

“I was scared, not only for me, but for my friends, too, because I know a couple people who live near Mercer Village and we walk around here quiet often,” says Sutaria.

He says fear set in even more when heard about an armed robbery and an armed carjacking that happened not far from campus.

“I started coming here less and less because I was scared of the things that was happening here,” says Sutaria.

He says those fears went away a little on Wednesday. That is when the Bibb County Sheriff's Office says Quentin Sanders from Macon County was arrested and charged with several violent crimes, including the three near Mercer's campus.

“Everyone was relieved, but there was still a shadow of doubt in their minds, 'What if something happens again?'” says Sutaria.

Sanders is also charged with a double-murder in Macon County. According to the District Attorney’s Office, he has not yet appeared in court in Bibb County.