MACON, Ga. — Saturday is the annual Magnolia Soap Box Derby race in Macon. Robert Grant's got an idea. His mind is in constant gear to design and build his version of a soap box derby car. "I wanted to do it since I was very young," he said.

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Grant, by nature, is an inventor and he used those creative skills for the nuts and bolts of the operation.

"The brakes I'm really excited about because they're from a bicycle, but I've retrofitted them to fit wheelbarrow tires," he explained.  "We also have to chop our axles off because they're sticking out way too far, but I get really scared of doing things and cutting things off that I can't reverse."

They've logged over 100 hours building their car. "It's been a lot of work -- it's been fun, but it's been a challenge. It's been a real, just crazy, challenge," Grant recalled. "I've done a lot of things that have tested me, but this really surprised me how difficult it is."

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To make sure all that hard work paid off, the group took the orange box on wheels for a test drive down a pretty steep hill. "I think I've got a little too much tension on the wheels, but we can loosen them up so we can get some more speed, but that was a great test. It didn't break and everyone's safe. We're good, awesome," Robert said with a smile.