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What's left inside the Macon Mall?

With Macy's moving out this spring, some shoppers are worried about the fate of the Macon Mall.

MACON, Ga. — Macy’s is leaving the Macon Mall. 

The company announced its decision Monday, following in the footsteps of JCPenney, Dillard’s, and dozens of other stores in recent years. 

So that sort of begs the question — what is left inside the 45-year old retail facility?

On Tuesday, 13WMAZ reporter, Chelsea Beimfohr, counted just over two dozen stores and restaurants still in operation.

Most people inside the mall on Tuesday appeared to be using the empty space to spend their energy, rather than their cash.

“I come here just about every day. I’ve been coming here for years because I love to come out here and walk," said Zonia Pitts. "I always go in Macy’s. Macy’s is my favorite store and I’m very hurt about the closing.”

Around the makeshift athletic track, you’ll find dozens of historic photos from across Macon-Bibb County for walkers to gaze upon.

As more west Macon retailers head north to places like the Shoppes at River Crossing and the new North Macon Plaza, you can still find a food court and an armed forces recruiting office inside the Macon Mall.

But some shoppers who live near the Eisenhower corridor would like to see the remaining stores stay put, along with some new ones brought in to fill the empty space.

“I hope they put some new stores in here so we can continue to come out here," said Pitts. 

13WMAZ called and emailed the Macon Mall’s marketing and public relations team Tuesday to ask about the future of the mall, but did not receive a reply.

Here are the stores still operating inside the Macon Mall: 

  • Authentiks
  • B. Turner's
  • Dry Falls Outfitters
  • Jimmy Jazz
  • New Square
  • Rue 21
  • Burlington
  • Macy's
  • Ivy Nail & Spa
  • Clockwork Skate Shop
  • Fix & Style
  • Pet Land
  • Spencer's
  • John Smeal & Co.
  • Treasure's Jewelry
  • Marable Dental
  • Armed Forces Recruiting offices
  • Vision Savers
  • Police Precinct
  • Bourboun Street Grill
  • China Max
  • K Family Deli
  • Ole Times Country Buffet
  • Sakkio Japan
  • Finish Line
  • Encore Shoe Dept.
  • Journey's
  • Champ's Sports

History of the Macon Mall: 

The Macon Mall once more than million square feet, and was formerly Georgia's largest indoor shopping area.

When it opened in 1975, the anchor stores included big names like Belk, Davison's, J.C. Penney, and Sears.

But as America's shopping habits changed, so did the mall. And the changes started to hit hard just over a decade ago.

That's when Belk bought the mall's Parisian store, and shut it down.

The next year the Shoppes at River Crossing opened in North Macon, and that shook up the local shopping scene forever.

The mall's Dillard’s store shut down and moved across town.

Then, two big losses in 2011, when Sears and Belk both closed. That's the year the mall's owners demolished the old Parisian building, basically cutting the mall in half. But that, and a new renovation, didn't stop the bleeding.

Two years ago the J.C. Penney store shut down as the national chain regrouped

And now, another loss, with Macy's shutting down stores nationwide by this spring.

According to county tax records, the mall is now about half its original size and valued at about $1.2 million.


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