PERRY, Ga. — Tuesday, we told you about Mrs. Hazel Colson, a nurse who has worked for the Heart of Georgia Hospice in Perry for almost 31 years.

Wednesday, a ceremony was held in her honor.

Colson is 92 years old and has been a nurse in Central Georgia for 73 years.

The hospice renamed their inpatient care unit where Colson has worked since she started to the Hazel Colson Hospice House.

Although Colson no longer works there full-time, she still works a few days a week and visits patients when she can.

"Oh, it's been great and it still is, and I'm still not giving it away. It's just another part of my life that I will have and these people that I have nursed so long, some of them will want to come to me and that'll do me a lot of good, too," said Colson.

Colson says she doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon.