A Wilkinson County man is recovering after he says a neighbor’s pit bull charged at him on Tuesday morning.

Katherine Hershberger is happy to have her husband sitting next to her and her son Christopher close by. “You can’t replace something precious, whether it's your child on your husband,” said Katherine.

Her husband Mark left the house on Tuesday on foot to go to a friend’s house. On his way, a pit bull charged at him, but he could only hold him off using his bare hands. He went to the hospital and got some stitches, but the wounds are still all over his body.

Police chief Joe Kump with the Ivey Police Department was called to the scene. Kump says the city requires dogs to be on leashes within the city limits, but it's hard to enforce without an animal control office until it's too late.

Chief Kump said he couldn’t share any more information about what happened because he is still filing the report against the dog’s owners. He just wants people to know this could have happened with any breed. “A Rottweiler could have done it, a Lab, a German Shepherd, but in this case, it was a pit bull.”

For the Hershbergers, they're counting their blessings that Christopher decided he didn’t want to walk with his dad that day. “I wouldn't be able to hold the big dog. He would have been mauled to death,” said Mark.

Katherine says she is looking for a second job to take care of the medical bills, but that they will work together to come back from this tragedy.

Chief Kump says the dog will be taken to a veterinarian to check for rabies, but will most likely have to be put down.