More than 400 shooters came out to compete this weekend at the Meadows Gun Club in Forsyth.

They’re hosting the Georgia Sporting Clays Association (GSCA) state shoot out.

Our Nicole Butler met up with one of the shooters whose talent may blow you away.

In a sport dominated by men, there's one shooter that really stands out.

Locked and loaded, 17-year-old Alexis Eidson is making a name for herself in shooting competitions.

She is a AA shooter, which is just one division below the Master shooters, hitting about 85 percent of all the clays that come her way.

Alexis has won two scholastic clay target program national titles, and four state titles from around the nation -- including Georgia and Alabama.

She says when she's out here shooting, she feels at home.

"I've always been around the hunting environment, so I've always wanted to be around it and around the shooting so I gave it a try one day and I absolutely fell in love with it," said Eidson.

Alexis is one of the few female shooters competing; she’s one of 20 women in a field of more than 400 shooters.

"It's something different to see a woman in a male dominated sport, so to come out here and to be good in this is different. It's definitely surprising and it feels good, it really does," she said.

Shooting side by side with hundreds of male competitors, Alexis says there's one person she loves competing against -- her father.

Chad Eidson says he's so proud to share this passion with his baby girl.

"It makes me ecstatic. I love watching her. I could come out here and shoot a 0 as long as I was competing with her and watching her shoot every day,” Chad said.

He says her talent will really blow you away.

"She does really well sometimes. She does really good and is on the top of the page with the guys and some of the older guys who have been doing it for a lot longer than she has," said Chad.

Alexis hopes to inspire more young females to give the sport a shot.

"They should really get out here and try it because woman do this and they can be good at it. A girl can definitely shoot as good as a guy," she said.

Alexis finished 100 shots on Saturday and will be continuing on Sunday with her final hundred to see where she ranks in the state.

The tournament ends Sunday at 4 p.m. at the Meadow Gun Club on Rumble Road.