The Georgia Bulldogs are undefeated and coming off a big win over Tennessee last Saturday. One Central Georgia fan is showing her support in a big way.

Off Highway 441, just outside of Milledgeville, passing cars honk at Tracie Stone's red-and-black masterpiece.

"I saw it on the internet last year and I was thinking, 'Well, that might be a neat idea,'" says Stone.

About 10 hay bales, 4 hours of teamwork, and 2 cans of paint went into creating this ginormous UGA football player and his trusty sidekick, Uga.

"We got a gallon of red and a gallon of grey, and my brother sprayed it with a paint sprayer. For Uga here, we just got the round bale and we had 4 small bales," says Stone.

The display is dedicated to Stone's daughter, Vanna Ruth, who is currently completing her senior year at The University of Georgia.

"I just thought that would be kind of neat for her senior year," says Stone.

"We've just had tons of people stopping by, we will look out here in the yard with people sitting on Uga," says Stone.

"Irma came through and we had to keep looking out the window like is the bulldog still standing, but we survived Notre Dame and Irma," says Stone.

Stone says they painted the number one on the hay bale jersey, but she thinks it's time to upgrade that to an 11 in support of Central Georgia quarterback, Jake Fromm.

Fromm has led to Bulldogs to a winning 5 and 0 season thus far.

Stone says when Georgia plays Florida in a few weeks, she plans to add an alligator to the display.