Two homicides less than half a mile apart happened within a three-hour span in Warner Robins on Saturday.

Now, the Warner Robins Police Department is trying to determine if the two deaths are related.

Marcella Rolle says safe and secure are two feelings that went out the door Saturday night.

“Around 5:30 or 6 p.m., I just saw all these lights and looked out and there were so many first responder vehicles out, and I saw the yellow tape and thought, ‘Oh my god this can only mean one thing,’” said Rolle.

That’s around the time when Rolle learned someone had been shot just a few doors down from her house.

“I knew immediately that I wasn’t safe,” said Rolle.

According to the Warner Robins Police Department, 28-year-old Vincent Junior was shot and killed after arguing with someone at the Tanglewood apartment complex.

Then less than three hours later, Janak Patel was shot and killed less down the road at a Chevron.

The department says Patel was inside working when he was fatally shot during an armed robbery.

Even though the Chevron is less than half a mile down from the apartment complex, Assistant

Police Chief John Wagner says they are still investigating whether or not these two homicides are related.

Rolle says whether or not they are connected; the shootings were too close to home.

“I may not be safe but I’m not just going to be leaving my home, not while I’m paying for it and with nowhere to go, so I just have to stick out for the next couple of months,” said Rolle.

She says she plans to move out as soon as her contract is up.

The Warner Robins Police Department says they are asking for anyone with information on the two homicides to call Detective Carder Gravitt at (478) 302-5380.