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Woman shot in road rage incident in Perry

Police are searching for two men that targeted a couple in a road rage attack that ended in gunfire.

PERRY, Ga. — Police are searching for two men that targeted a couple in a road rage attack that ended in gunfire. It started about 2:40 this morning as the couple returned from vacation.

According to captain Heath Dykes with the Perry Police Department, three shots hit the car, including one to 28-year-old Jordan Wright's shoulder.

Wright, her boyfriend Lonnie McClinic, and a 5-year-old girl were all traveling back from vacation in Florida early Monday morning.

The couple told Captain Dykes that two men in a white car followed them from Unadilla to Perry. When the couple pulled off near General Courtney Hodges Boulevard, the car followed and a man got out and began shooting.

"Showed no due regard for human life by doing that," Dykes said. 

Dykes says the young girl was sitting in the back of the car-- and that's where the bullets hit. He says all three shots could have potentially hit her, but instead one hit 28-year-old Jordan Wright in the shoulder, which sent her to the hospital.

 "That was the only thing he thought that maybe he might of cut him off--," Dykes said. 

McClinic, who had been driving, told Captain Dykes he may have accidentally cut the car off on the interstate.

"And he got upset about it and tailgated him flashing his lights at him trying to get him to stop," Dykes said. 

Dykes says from time to time his office might see an altercation off the interstate but not to this extent.

"Usually it is used in an intimidating manner to let the individuals know that you're messing with the wrong one. Never to the point that shots are fired and they try to take someone's life this way," Dykes said. 

The victim was taken to Perry Hospital and later transferred to Macon to remove the bullet. She is expected to make a full recovery. 

Investigators are looking for the people involved. They believe they were possibly driving a white Kia or Mercedes. 

If you have any information, you can call Perry Police at (478) 988-2825.


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