Whether it's canoeing, walking, biking, or flying drones, there are lots of things going on at Amerson River Park.

World Champion disc golf pro David Feldberg wants to add baskets for disc golf.

The idea behind disc golf is to to throw your disc against the wind and land it in this basket in the fewest number of throws.

Feldberg won the Disc Golf World Championship in 2008, which landed him on "Conan" teaching host Conan O'Brien how to throw a disc himself.

Now, he lives by Lake Sinclair and helps build disc golf course in other counties, through his company, Next Generation, to get more people involved.

Feldberg says he'd like to start his own amateur tournament, and when kids come here to play, their parents will spend money.

He says Macon is far behind other cities which have multiple courses and their own tournaments each year.

Right now, the county has two courses -- one at Claystone Park and the other at Bowden Golf Course.

It's hard to find your disc when baskets are missing and the course is overrun with weeds, so they need something to make the sport more kid-friendly. Feldberg thinks Amerson River Park will draw people in.

"If a kid sees a basket every day, eventually, he's going to say to his mom, 'What is that? I want to play,'" said Feldberg.

Feldberg presented the plan to county commissioners Tuesday. 

Commissioners said they'd like to see the plans so they can make sure these don't go flying in the direction of anyone on the trail.

Feldberg says his company, Next Generation, hosts amateur tournaments.

This year, their premiere tournament is in Austin, Texas where they're giving away a $50,000 cash prize and cars. 

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