According to the United States Post Office, the location in Wrightsville is ‘temporarily suspended’ after it closed abruptly this weekend.

In its place is a mobile unit located behind the post office where people in the city can purchase stamps, packages and pick up their mail.

Rodney Martin swings by the post office every day except Sunday, but last Friday, he found locked doors instead of letters.

“I stopped by here…I guess it was Friday… to get the mail, and when I got to the front door, I went to open it and it was closed,” said Martin.

He said that he the post office has been there well before he was born in 1957.

However, the closure not only caught him by surprise, but former postmaster Ralph Holmes too. Holmes worked at that location for 42 years before retiring.

“I was shocked,” said Martin.

Holmes says he found out on Facebook that the post office "recently discovered issues with the facilities."

Misty Collins, the current Wrightsville postmaster, couldn't elaborate on the problems or if employees still held their jobs.

Holmes wants his long-time employer to stay open, but he didn't find the new arrangement to be an inconvenience.

“Well actually coming out here is better than going to the post office…climbing them stairs,” said Holmes.

Delivery operations for Wrightsville were relocated to the Sandersville location.