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Yay in Your Day: Gloria Thaxton at Kroger on Russell Parkway

From customers to a community leader, they all agree Thaxton has amazing customer service.

WARNER ROBINS, Ga. — As part as our ongoing 'Put Some Yay in Your Day series' we are putting a spotlight on on a Kroger employee in Warner Robins who is sure to put a smile on your face. 

With every interaction Gloria Thaxton hopes to spread positivity to her customers every shift.

At the Kroger on Russell Parkway, you are sure to find Thaxton ready to provide exceptional customer service.

"By them coming in here, just saying hello to them, acknowledging them, letting them know you care, can make a world of a difference," Thaxton said. 

For five years, Thaxton has worked at the Kroger and now she runs self-checkout. Before taking on the job at Kroger, Thaxton was a military wife serving her family first.

"I was a stay-at-home mom, that was the most important thing to me, to make sure my children, and my family, and my husband were taken care of, and then once they got in school and I made sure they were taken care of, it was time to take care of me," Thaxton. 

For Thaxton, focusing on herself meant pouring back into the community. It's Thaxton's nurturing spirit that caused April Bragg to make a post on Robins-to-go giving Thaxton a shout-out after she left her phone in the store.  

"I just thought it was so special to know not only did she acknowledge that I had left an item, but she knew who I was, she knew my work, she knew the importance of the impact and that I use that phone for my work each and everyday," April Bragg with Robins Regional Chamber said. 

From community leaders to Thaxton's boss everyone agrees, she is the greatest at what she does.

"This is the employee that we want at our stores, all across all of our Kroger stores, Mrs. Gloria is the example of what we want customer service to look like all across all of our stores," Store Leader of 257 Mary Ann Wilson with Kroger said.   

Thaxton appreciates the praise and says when she's working her mother's wisdom comes to mind.

"To remain positive, and when you remain positive that can have a lasting impression and you never know what someone is going through like I said before and that can shine through," Thaxton said. 

As Thaxton gets ready for Thanksgiving, Kroger wants to remind central Georgian's on of their "Thanksgiving Meal for $5". With the deal you will spend less than $60 and be able to feed a family of 10. Check out more about the special here

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