EAST DUBLIN, Ga. — A broken jaw. A feeding tube. Internal bleeding. Those are all things no child should have to experience. 

But they all became reality for Ty'eisha Ross after someone in a black pick-up truck hit her in May 2016.

Today, she's doing better. Her mother, Ieisha Ross, says the accident changed their family's life forever and she just wants whoever did it to come forward.

"All I [saw was] my baby go up in the air and hit the concrete, and come tumbling down," recalled Ieisha.

East Dublin Police Chief William Leucke remembers the chaotic scene.

"Everybody in the neighborhood was out on the scene," said Leucke. "I think the accident was an accident, but the reason for leaving? There was something that motivated him to get out of there real quick."

Witnesses say a man in a black F-150 ran Ty'eisha down, and he took off quickly before anyone could catch a tag number.

"My child will never be the same. She can't cheer. She can't play basketball. She can't play any sports because of this," said Ieisha. 

She says her daughter has nightmares that an accident like this could happen again and she talks about committing suicide. 

Chief Leucke says he won't stop searching for the person who hit Ty'eisha and neither will her mother.

Ieisha says she forgives the man who hit her daughter, but wants to remind him the final judgment comes from above.

"I might not get justice through the court system, but you will have to answer to what you did to my child on judgment day. Every knee will have to bow at the end of the day and we all will have to pay for what we have done to people on this Earth," said Ieisha. 

Chief Leucke speculates the driver of that truck may have left the scene because they were driving without a license, or were under the influence. 

If caught, the driver will face even more charges for fleeing the scene and failing to help Ty'eisha.

If you know anything about this hit and run, you can call the East Dublin Police Department at (478) 272-6883. 


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