Raising kids can be expensive, and if they are into sports, the cost to play can be sky high.

But thanks to many of you, some children in Macon are getting that chance with some new equipment.

Justin McDuffie was there as some children received things you donated during 13WMAZ's Make a Difference Day last month.

Thousands of kids across Central Georgia take the field, the court, or the dance floor every day to compete and just have fun, but for many, one thing holds them back -- the price of equipment.

"The good baseball bats and softball bats the kids are using are $150, a good baseball glove is $65, so all of that is very expensive, says Jeff Battcher.

Battcher oversees the RBI program. Its goal is Reviving Baseball and Softball in Inner Cities like Macon. Part of that is making sure they have what they need to play.

"Just because they haven't grown up into a socioeconomic that's not as good as everybody else's doesnt mean they shouldn't have good equipment," says Battcher.

Last month, during WMAZ's Make a Difference Day, many of you donated new and used sports equipment.

Thanks to you, GEICO, and Dick's Sporting Goods, 100 athletes will be outfitted to take the field or the court.

One of those is Jeremiah Harris.

"I play with my friends outside because we go to different schools, so they're like my rivals because we go to different schools. I go to Miller and they go to Ballard, so I'll see them on the field and on the court," Jeremiah says.

They received new cleats, gloves, or a bat, based on their needs and the sports they play.

His sister Jamyiah can't wait to show off their new gear.

"I want to say thank you for the dance shoes, so when I come on a professional team, I'll already have the shoes," Jamyiah says.

Thanks to you, these kids have the chance to compete.

The RBI program collects equipment year round.