50 young professionals will soon be coming to Milledgeville in hopes to help the community come up with solutions to 4 problems they face: retirement, branding, economic development, and education.

"We want not just our surrounding counties and residents to know how great Milledgeville is, but the entire state of Georgia," Angie Martin said.

Chamber of Commerce President Angie Martin applied for the Young Gamechangers program run by Georgia Forward, a non-profit organization. This fall, the 5-month program is setting up shop in Milledgeville.

Martin says economic development and education are two main topics she hopes the Gamechangers will help with.

"Our poverty rate is over 30%, very different than what the average state poverty rate is, so we, on an education basis, deal with a different opportunity to serve our children in the educational system," Martin said. "We have different struggles and different challenges that come with those different demographics."

Martin says bringing in people that have no preconception of Milledgeville will be helpful.

"We have kind of a bad stigma or negative stigma, and I think that often overlooks the great things that are coming out of our public school systems," Martin said. "I think this would be a great opportunity to showcase those and highlight what we’re doing right while also tackling the challenge of what they have to deal with on a daily basis.”

The Gamechangers will split up into 4 groups and for the next 5 months where they'll come up with a plan to present to community leaders in December. They start work next Thursday and Friday when they come to visit Milledgeville and meet with community leaders.