ATLANTA – The man accused of starting the I-85 bridge fire may face a new indictment this week.

Last month, prosecutors said they plan to draw up a new indictment for Basil Eleby that could be released by a new grand jury on July 11.

Eleby is accused of putting a chair on top of a shopping cart and then smoking crack, which prosecutors say led the fire that collapsed the bridge. He is facing charges of first-degree arson and criminal damage to property.

Eleby was granted a $10,000 bond on April 18.

Eleby is being represented by several well-known Atlanta attorneys who argue that the Georgia Department of Transportation should be held accountable for storing flammable materials under the bridge.

One of those attorneys, Mawuli Davis, also said Eleby’s defense team has located a witness that places their client somewhere else at the time of the incident.

They also say Eleby successfully passed a May 1 polygraph test that proves Eleby is not responsible for the fire.