BENTON COUNTY, Tenn. -- A Hartville man's strange story took another turn after he admitted to disposing of his wife's body in a Tennessee river during a trip to Graceland.

Earlier this month, Philip Snider told authorities his wife had died during a trip to Graceland, Tennessee. He said she died in a parking lot and disappeared after an ambulance he flagged down in the parking lot took her away.

But no records for her body could be located at the coroner's office and first responders never logged any calls matching her death.

Now, Snider has admitted to dumping Roberta Snider's body in the Tennessee River.

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Philip Snider said he wrapped his wife's body in garbage bags and threw her into the river off of U.S. 40 in Benton County, according to Hartville police.

Snider submitted to an FBI polygraph test. The results are still pending.

No charges have been filed at this point.

Benton County sheriff's deputies have been combing the Tennessee River in search of Roberta Snider's remains.