On Wednesday, Kasandra Ortiz and Junior Journalist Chanelle Washington went to Fullington Academy in Pinehurst to surprise a teacher who's been teaching for almost 50 years.

Jackie Howard couldn’t believe she was this week’s top teacher.

“This makes me very, very proud of these children here and all the others I've taught in the past. This is not just my honor, but it's their honor as well,” says Howard.

Howard said she had no idea her third grade student Brody Everidge had sent a letter to WMAZ. He wrote about how much he enjoys Howard’s class, and his penmanship and envelope decorations caught the attention of a producer here.

“She makes noises like "boom" and draws funny pictures when she talks to us,” says Everidge.

Some of Howard’s other students say she helped them overcome their struggles in math.

“Well, when I walked in I didn't know how to divide that good. And every time we did math I had a lot of trouble with dividing, and she always would help me,” says third-grader Lanie Wright.

Another student, Will Greer, said Howard goes the extra mile for her students.

“She's just willing to push us so we can get it. And she's just a great teacher,” says Greer.

Howard says it's her sixth grade teacher that first inspired her to become an educator.

“I remember a teacher named Mrs. Mackleroy, and she would let us put things on the board and do things for her. And I really got into it that way,” says Howard.

Keep sending us letters – we were at Fullington Academy this week, but we might be at your school next week.