A massive alligator stopped golfers at the Savannah Harbor Club in their tracks on Sunday. 

The 9-foot alligator made its way across the green before stopping by the hole to do a little bit of sunbathing.

Ed Vance posted a video of the encounter on Facebook. "That is a monster! Look at the size of that thing," said one of his friends in the video. "I've never seen anything like that on a golf course." 

The video has more than 5,000 shares. 

Gators have been known to frequent golf clubs in the past. In February, an alligator even joined in the game when one jumped up to catch the ball at a Florida golf course. 

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Another Florida gator has become a local celebrity because of his frequent visits to the local golf course. Larry the Alligator has his own Facebook page, where he has more than 7,000 fans. 

Watch the video here. Warning: video contains profanity.