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Why did the alligator cross the road? Not sure, but it did stop traffic in Florida

This gator had no problem stopping traffic while it made it's way across the street.

VENICE, Fla — Motorists on a Sarasota roadway stopped as a huge reptile made its way across the street.

"Holy cow!" The person recording the video can be heard exclaiming. He had to get out his cellphone when this 10-foot alligator was seen stopping traffic. 

"We got a straight hog," he said. "Look at this beast. It's like a 10-footer."

Stopped at a red light, the driver caught the gator on camera. The reptile even had to scuddle under the driver's car, moving it a bit to get through. The driver can be heard saying his car shook a little from the gator squeezing by.

So why did the alligator cross the road? Not sure about all the other ones, but this could have been headed to a nearby pond by the looks of things.

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