NORFOLK, Virginia — One couple in Norfolk made off with handfuls of clothes from a thrift retailer -- but they chose to use the five-finger discount.

Thrift Store USA posted photos on their Facebook page of a man and woman accused of stealing several clothing items from the retailer. The store also posted a video of the couple making their getaway on a moped.

The pair were both wearing distinctive clothing. 

The woman wore a red-striped backpack and wore a hanger around her neck. She also donned a 'Hello Kitty' helmet when she got on the moped. The man wore a Pittsburgh Steelers jacket at the time of the theft.

Employee Sheranda Taylor said it was a customer who sounded the alert that the couple stole items.

"A customer came in the store and told me there's a lady that just ran out with a lot of stuff and so I look and see her get on the moped and drive off,” said Taylor.

Taylor can't understand why they did it in a store covered with dozens of cameras.

"Literally cameras all over this place, I don't understand how people don't see the cameras. There's cameras outside, inside, and all over,” said Taylor. 

Customer Bruce Frazier watched the getaway video and said that the names ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ were fitting.

"That's how Bonnie and Clyde were, they took what they wanted to when they felt like it. They've probably been in there and they know the layout and they saw something they wanted,” said Fraizer. 

At this point, Taylor said she hopes the duo stays together.

"They stealing together, leaving together, I mean they're going to get a charge together too,” said Taylor.

The store is located on East Little Creek Road. 

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