Editor's Note: The above file photo, taken by Brian Robert Marshall in the English town of Swindon, has been republished under this Creative Commons License.

LONDON -- A British restaurant chain is attempting to ban cell phone use at the table in an effort to promote family time.

According to the Lancashire Evening Post, Frankie & Benny's, which serves an American twist on Italian food, now has no-phone zones at its 250 restaurants in the UK.

The concept is currently in a short trial phase.

According to the INSIDER, between now and Dec. 7, customers are being asked to leave their phones in boxes at their tables until they finish eating. As an incentive, diners can get free children's meals if they agree.

A poll by Frankie & Benny's found more than 7 of 10 children wished their parents would spend less time on their phones, and 10 percent have even hidden a parent's mobile device in an effort to get back their attention and affection, The Sydney Morning Herald reports.

Frankie & Benny's is the first UK chain to try this marketing campaign, but multiple American eateries have experimented with similar ideas, according to the New York Times, and some restaurants have even banned cell phone use altogether.