SANTEE, S.C. — What is 12 and a half feet long, 726 pounds, and green all over? 

Passengers on a boat in Santee came face to face with it this weekend. 

A post on Facebook by one of the men on the boat went viral, with over 8,600 shares and 1,600 comments. 

Lee Daugherty, David Lowe, Ryan Fitts, and George Mourounas, hunters from Florence, were on the Santee River on Sunday, when they came across a massive alligator. It was 12 feet 6 inches long and weighed 726 pounds.

The gator tag belongs to Lee Daugherty. 

Mourounas posted the pictures on Facebook that received attention, but he says it's not "his" gator, it is Daugherty's. 

They took the alligator to 301 Processing and Taxidermy. Fitts is getting the skull mounted and Lowe is getting the hide mounted. They are splitting the meat between the four of them.

Daugherty wrote this on his Facebook and linked a story Carolina Sportsman wrote about the catch: 

"They say everyone dies famous in a smalltown (M. Lambert), the bible says no one is honored in their hometown (Luke 4:24) but at least I was able to make it into the Carolina Sportsman before my time. The author does a great job of recounting our interview. As it turned out this was the second heaviest gator for Zone 3 according to the News and Courier. The best part was being with friends to enjoy the hunt."