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Jamie Foxx: What we have learned about actor's medical incident

The Hollywood superstar was hospitalized in Atlanta on April 11. Here's what we've learned since then.

ATLANTA — Jamie Foxx is continuing to recover after a medical situation.

Foxx, 55, was hospitalized in Atlanta after a "medical complication" on April 11.

What led to Foxx's hospitalization has not been publicly released by family. His daughter, Corinne, Foxx said in an Instagram post that he "experienced a medical complication".

The complication occurred while Foxx was in Atlanta working on his film "Back in Action." It reportedly did not happen on set. 

While official updates on the star's medical condition remained scarce, friends and co-stars provided some updates this week, and Foxx's official Instagram account even broke its silence.

Here's the timeline of what we know about Jamie Foxx's medical incident:

What happened to Jamie Foxx? A timeline of what we know:

  • December 2022: Filming on "Back in Action," which co-stars Cameron Diaz, begins in London.

  • April 2023: It appears around this time, or shortly before, that filming moved to Atlanta.

  • April 11: Foxx experiences the medical complication, according to his daughter Corinne Foxx's Instagram post on April 12, which indicates it happened the day before.

  • April 14: CNN, citing a "source with knowledge of the situation," reports some details regarding Foxx's situation, including that doctors were running tests and that he had not been transported by an emergency vehicle to the hospital. Corinne Foxx's Instagram post noted that when the incident occurred, there was "quick action and great care" that aided her father.

  • April 17: In an update, CNN reports that Foxx remained hospitalized roughly a week after the incident occurred, citing "a source with knowledge of the matter."

  • April 20: Friends and colleagues begin to speak about the situation, among them Martin Lawrence who shares that he heard "he's doing better" and Tracy Morgan said "he's a fighter."

  • April 21: A source tells People Magazine that Foxx is "awake and alert" while being kept under observation. "He's okay, thank God," the source told the magazine.

  • April 23: Nick Cannon tells Entertainment Tonight that Foxx is "doing so much better" and promises that he's going to "do something special for him, and doing him a favor."

  • April 24: NBC News' Blayne Alexander reports for The Today Show that his condition is "steadily improving."

  • April 27: Actress Tiffany Haddish told Entertainment Tonight that she heard Foxx is "doing well", stating that she and Foxx had several mutual friends and they were "keeping her updated."

  • May 1: Hip-hop figure and film producer Charlie Mack posted to Instagram that, "I need you all to constantly keep our beloved brotha @iamjamiefoxx up whom we all love & care for dearly in our hearts, minds & prayers!!!!!"
  • May 2: In an appearance on Logan Paul's podcast, comedian Kevin Hart said of Foxx's condition: "To my knowledge is there's a lot of progression and a world of better, man. The dope thing is that he's getting better in his situation, and you know, everybody's prayers, everybody's love, energy—all that stuff is seen and felt."  Read more.

  • May 3: FOX Entertainment announced that Foxx would not be on the next season of the Fox game show "Beat Shazam". Foxx's daughter, Corinne, who is a DJ on the show, will also not be there. Instead, the network announced that Nick Cannon will "fill in as guest host for his friends, Jamie and Corinne Foxx. Kelly Osbourne will be filling in as guest DJ."

    "Everyone at FOX Entertainment wishes Jamie well as he continues his recovery, and we greatly appreciate Nick's willingness to jump in and help this summer," the network said in a statement shared online by Corinne.

  • May 3: Foxx's official Instagram posts for the first time since the medical incident, "Appreciate all the love!!! Feeling blessed." See more.

    The account also commented on the "Beat Shazam" news.

    "Appreciate ya my boy @nickcannon See u all soon," the account captioned in an Instagram story post.

  • May 4: Natasha Blasick, who worked with Foxx on the "All-Star Weekend" movie, told Entertainment Tonight, "I was texting him, and just yesterday I talked to his friend, who's like really in touch with him. I was, like, really freaking out [with] all of the news that he's getting worse. So I was texting [his friend], and he's like, 'No, no, no, he's recovering.' So just hearing that he was recovering made me feel so much better."

  • May 5: A source told People that Foxx was still in the hospital, but is "stable and not in a life-threatening situation now." That source told People that Foxx remained hospitalized as doctors continued to run test to make sure the actor is "okay before allowing him to" leave the hospital. 

According to People, filming on "Back in Action" in Atlanta has continued with Diaz, using stunt and photo doubles to stand in for Foxx.

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