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Jury in Tennessee finds Joseph Daniels guilty of murdering 5-year-old son

Daniels was found guilty of second-degree murder, after being charged with first-degree murder, but was convicted on a lesser charge.

A jury in Tennessee found Joseph Daniels guilty of second-degree murder after his 5-year-old son Joe Clyde disappeared. 

Daniels was previously charged with first-degree murder, but was later convicted of a lesser charge, the Tennessean reported Saturday. He was also found guilty of first-degree murder in the perpetration of a felony crime, along with initiating false reporting, tampering with evidence and aggravated child abuse, according to the Tennessean. 

The decision was announced by a jury Saturday following an eight-day trial, along with almost 10 hours of deliberation spread out over two days. 

Daniels is scheduled to be sentenced on Sept. 14 and it has been requested that he be returned to a maximum security prison in Nashville until then.