NEW YORK — Soft, but strong. The top three gowns form this year's toilet paper wedding dress contest were a mix of intricate detail and innovative design. The winning dress was chosen from a field of more than 1,500 entries sent in from all over the United States and was revealed on Monday September 30.

The judges said 'yes' to a design created by 42-year-old Mimoza Haska of Surfside Beach, South Carolina. "The dress is made from crochet and it's actually a see-through. The horizontal and vertical lines are created from crocheting," said Haska.

Originally from Albania, Haska said she learned to crochet from her mother and crochets when misses home. 48 double rolls of Quilted Northern Ultra Plush toilet paper were used to make the dress, and Haska said took more than 400 hours to complete. Her dress is an off-the-shoulder mermaid style with a long train. Crocheted roses complete the romantic look.

"I'm always after that special, unique look, like very classy. It's not a particular idea. It's just something that suits the eye and looks just right," Haska added.

The full name of the competition is "The Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest, presented by Charm Weddings and Quilted Northern" and its creators have implemented strict guidelines. "The contestants must use Quilted Northern toilet paper. They must use glue," explained contest co-creator Laura Gawne. Glitter glue, tape, needle and thread are also allowed.

"No buttons, no bought zippers, no Velcro, anything like that," added co-creator and sister Susan Bain.

The second place dress featured silver and gold metallic flowers made out of toilet paper and the third place gown was accessorized with a toilet paper top hat fascinator headpiece.

This was the 15th year for the toilet paper wedding dress competition. The winner received a $10,000 prize.