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Behind the Lines: Robins Air Force Base's Ergonomics team

Robins' Ergonomics team is using some new simple tools to make a big difference.

WARNER ROBINS, Ga. — Employees at Robins can put a lot of stress on their bodies.

"It hurts their shoulders and puts a lot of strain on their back," said Ergonomics Work Lead Eric Fowler.

It's the job of the Ergonomics team at Robins to find tools and techniques -- from knee pads to movable trays -- designed to relieve some of that stress.

Right now they're testing a wearable technology that looks more complicated than its purpose.

"It actually supports the weight of your arms, so if you're doing any type of work above the shoulder or out like this here, it's actually supporting the weight of my arm and takes the stress off of your shoulder," Fowler said.

While obviously helpful for individual employees, the Ergonomics team says this small tool can actually have a big impact for the base and Air Force as a whole.

"When an individual starts working and starts fatiguing out, getting tired, he normally makes a mistake, so this will reduce the fatigue and we're looking at it but it has the potential to reduce the rework on parts," Fowler said.

That could cut down on production time, meaning Robins could get more planes and parts back to the warfighter even faster.

The same logic applies to employees who spend a lot of time in an office, starting with something as simple as having the right chair and desk setup.

"Our focus is teaching ergonomic techniques and it actually helps boost morale a lot," Fowler said.

As their motto suggests, it helps 'posture' the employees and Robins for success.

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