A woman who was assaulted outside a north Macon Wendy's says, "It was horrible. It was a nightmare."

She is Elaine Modena, daughter-in-law of the late Bibb County Sheriff Jerry Modena. Her husband, Jerry Modena Jr. was in the car along with the sheriff's widow, Mary Modena.

The Bibb County Sheriff''s office says it happened Feb. 13 at the Wendy's on Zebulon Road.

They're looking for a woman who followed Modena out of the store and assaulted her. The sheriff's office says the second woman apparently believed Modena took a bag of fries that she had ordered.

Elaine Modena said it was scarier and more violent than the sheriff's department described.

She said some customers and employees followed them outside, cheered on the woman who attacked and called out the woman's name.

Modena says, "It was all about her thinking I snatched the bag out of her niece's hand, which I didn't. It had nothing to do with french fries."

"I was stressed," she said. "I don't even remember half of what happened."

Modena says her husband got out of the car and was also struck. He received an eye injury, she said.

Children in the crowd also damaged her car, she said.

Modena was also upset that nobody in the crowd called 911.

She said her husband was armed, but did not show his weapon, she said.

"Because there were a lot of children," she said. "Because he had a lot of common sense."

Modena says she's upset that a family night at the movies turned ugly.

"I can't believe you have to be afraid to go out in your own neighborhood at night," she said.

Shawn Holloway, a regional operations manager for Wendy's, gave a different account. He did not witness the account, but says he interviewed the store manager and other staff who were on duty Feb. 13.

He says Elaine Modena "snatched" the bag of fries from a store employee. Holloway says a customer followed Modena outside to the car. The other customer believed that Modena had taken fries that she had ordered.

He says his staff went to the store window to watch what was going on, but were not encouraging the fight.

"Our employees are not trained to break up fights, and I wouldn't allow them to break up fights," he said.

But the incident report names a store employee who reportedly came outside the store during the fight and spoke to Modena's attacker by name. The report says the employee later denied knowing the woman who assaulted Modena.

The report says Modena's attacker left the Wendy's parking lot in a white Honda Civic.

Anyone with information on the case can contact Macon Regional Crimestoppers at 10877-68-CRIME.