"I was surprised," Bobby Davis said.

Pruitt Health nursing home resident, Bobby Davis, fulfilled a longtime dream when Forsyth Fire Chief, David Herndon, surprised him with a Forsyth Fire Department honorary firefighter plaque.

A few of Davis' nurses say they love seeing their residents' biggest wishes play out.

"So many times when people come into the nursing home, they feel like they have lived the better part of their life," said nurse, Freedom Pitts. "And to still see him be able to get one of his dreams fulfilled, it was an amazing feeling to be a part of it and to watch it play out."

Pictures with the firefighers before they put out some flames
Pictures with the firefighers before they put out some flames

Firefighters suited Davis up in a fire jacket and helmet before they helped him in douse some flames and he rode around town, patrolling the streets of Forsyth in the fire truck.

Pruitt Health made Davis' day possible through their "Committed to Caring Challenge" project. They work to fulfill their residents' biggest wishes, and several of Davis' nurses say it means so much to them to see their patients smile.

"We interact with these people on a daily basis," Pitts said. "They're not just numbers. They're like actually family members to us, so I just think that made it even more surreal."

And Pitts says Davis has a big heart and is deserving of this day.

"Mr. Bobby is not large on words, but he says just enough to make a difference," Pitts said.

And she says seeing his joy made it all worth it.

"And I think the look on his face today when he got up in that fire truck says it all," Pitts said.