HIRAM, Ga. -- The days in the Dobbs' family room are being spent opening gifts, thanks to so many of you.

That is a gift in itself as 6-year-old Brantley is fighting his brain tumor.

Every day, more people are sending Christmas ornaments from all over.

So many, that the nurses at hospice Atlanta are on a first name basis with the Fed-ex driver who comes every day. They say he has been terrific.

The nurses, are filling trunks with deliveries. The gifts from all over the country are filling offices. They are taking loads over to the house throughout the day.

Brantley's little sister Lucy, 5, has been getting special gifts to which is so thoughtful because when a child has a terrible illness, it hurts everyone.

Courtesy the Dobbs family.

Pictures from the family show a smile on Brantley's face as he and his mom and a friend open a pile of gifts. He is beaming. It is bringing so much joy to all of them and his mom says that means more than words can express.

Thank you!

If you’d like to send an ornament or card to Brantley, send them to:

Hospice Atlanta
1244 Park Vista Dr.
Atlanta GA 30319

Attention: Brantley’s Christmas Cheer c/o Lanise