FORSYTH, Ga. — People in Monroe County gathered in Forsyth Town Square on New Year's Eve for some live music and the Forsythia Ball Drop.

"We just enjoy getting together as a community, and that's what we did this summer, and we enjoy doing it in the winter as well, its just so much fun," said Mayor Eric Wilson.

Wilson says he's been trying to create more events centered around downtown to bring more people into these businesses.

"A lot of businesses coming in, a lot of people coming in Monroe County, and they've really turned the square around," said Tyler Jefferies.

Jefferies and his buddies grabbed a beer at The Pickled Okra before heading to the concert downtown.

The concert was lead by a band native to Central Georgia, Swain and the Highway Souls. 

It's the concert, the snacks and the friends and family that had some people feeling grateful.

"New Year's is a really good time for us. We have the Ball Drop here, which makes you feel like you're almost a part of something, like Times Square," said Erica Martin.

For Martin and her friends, it's a great time to take photos and enjoy spending time with friends. 

She says she appreciates that the town puts in the time to make it a special event.