A 13-year-old boy planned to carry out a school shooting before he shot himself inside an Ohio middle school bathroom last week, police said.

The Jackson Township Police Department uncovered messages from Feb. 14, the day of the Parkland school shooting, to Feb. 20 on the boy's phone detailing an eight-step plan of attack at Jackson Memorial Middle School.

"I'd hurt and destroy something bigger but my schools an easy target," the boy wrote, according to a news release from Jackson Police Chief Mark Brink.

An entry dated Feb. 19 said, ".......this will be bigger than anything this country's ever seen, .......I've been planning this for a few weeks and thought about it a few months, I will never be forgotten I'll be a stain in American history and the [redacted last name]'s history, it's going to be so much fun. They won't expect a thing."

Police said he expressed an admiration for the Columbine shooters.

A memo dated Feb. 17 said, "I'll look in to those scared little britches eyes before I kill them there's now I'll have followers because I'm so awesome I know someone will follow me just like I followed Eric Harris and Dylan Klebolt's me and them want close to the same thing, It's going to be fun......They say school shootings are horrible but they don't think like us like me Eric and Dylan...."

The seventh-grade student died after shooting himself in the head Feb. 21. He brought a .22 rifle to school that morning and was observed leaving a bathroom, holding the gun. A student told faculty, and before 8 a.m., the boy was found lying on the bathroom floor, according to police.

"No evidence has been discovered to explain why [the boy] changed his mind from shooting others at the school," a police report states.

The school went on lockdown because of the incident, and students said they spent two to three hours hiding inside closets while parents waited outside the school.

Contributing: WKYC-TV, Cleveland