A stepson is in custody after his stepfather was found dead Saturday morning in Bowie, police said.

Police say Navar Terrance Beverly posted a selfie with the victim’s body to social media.

The family member of the suspect said, “It’s hard. It’s just hard.”

Several family members said they’re still in shock and described the victim, Ronald Francis Pinkney, as a “really good guy.” That’s also how neighbors knew him.

“I just talked to him last night right after he had mowed the lawn,” said Mike Gonzaludo. “He looked out for everybody.”

“He would take everything if he saw trash, he would pick it up. Or if you were a stranger, he’d say hi,” he added. “You know just make sure everyone was taken care of.”

“I would just, wouldn’t think this would happen and I know that his twin brother must have been devastated to lose his twin brother like that,” said Pearline Humbles.

She and her daughter said they’ve known the victim for more than 20 years.

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It was after 8 a.m. Saturday when police discovered Pinkney with trauma to his body inside a home located on the 15000 block of Dalby Drive in Bowie. The victim is reportedly in his 60s.

Everyone in this Bowie neighborhood knew their neighbor as Ron.

Police also discovered multiple photos of the victim’s dead body posted to social media. One of those pictures was a selfie.

Police said they spotted the stepson’s vehicle by the Hampton Mall and chased him down to the victim’s Bowie neighborhood. They caught him on foot.

“He had his conversations with everybody so we were a little aware of some prior altercations that they had had but at that point, I wasn’t aware of the extent,” said Gonzaludo.

“I’m going to hug my mother tighter. It’s still very hard to believe your own child would do that to you. I don’t understand it,” said Pearline’s daughter, Faith Humbles.

Prince George’s County Police are leading the homicide investigation. Police acknowledged the stepson and stepfather had a history of domestic disputes.