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How Senator Warnock, Herschel Walker stand on crime ahead of runoff

13WMAZ wants to cut down the mudslinging and name-calling between candidates and just get to the issues. Here's a breakdown of each candidates' stance on crime.

ATLANTA — With a U.S. Senate runoff just three weeks away, what do Senator Raphael Warnock and challenger Herschel Walker plan to do about crime?

In October, 13WMAZ hit the road with our Listening Lab to ask what issues you care about most and what priorities you want candidates to focus on. Nearly 800 people answered our survey in-person or online and more than 37 percent named crime as a top issue they want politicians to address.

"Especially with the gangs problem that's going on in Dublin and all over," said Darrick Vickers, a viewer from Montrose. 

"If you go to a state with guns everywhere, people will shoot them. So we shouldn't be surprised with all the mass killings in this state and this country," said Hudman S. Evans, a Milledgeville viewer. 

13WMAZ wants to cut down the mudslinging and name calling between candidates and just get to the candidates' stance on the issues. 

Raphael Warnock

Let's start with Senator Raphael Warnock's stance on crime.

Warnock says he's running on his record and says that he'll continue to support Georgia's law enforcement by providing resources. 

"I passed the largest investment in the COPS program in a decade. I introduced legislation called Invest to Protect. That's endorsed by the Sheriffs of Burke County and Screven County because it supports some of our smaller law enforcement entities," Warnock said. 

Warnock says the key to reducing crime among teens is providing opportunities for those living in poverty.

"I grew up in one of those neighborhoods but I had a nurturing family, and I provided from good federal public policy. Like the head start program, Upward Bound, Pell Grants and low interest student loans," Warnock said. 

Warnock is also advocating for criminal justice reform by ending cash bail for nonviolent misdemeanor offenders.

Herschel Walker

However, his challenger, Republican Herschel Walker is against cutting back on cash bail.

Walker says people should be accountable for their actions. 

"We're a country of laws. You know, they're talking about making criminals, heroes now, releasing prisoners from prison. They're going to make up prisoners in our own home. And what do we have to protect us?," Walker said. 

As for police funding, Walker says he wants to give quote all the resources and support law enforcement needs to keep Georgia safe. His website lists over 100 Georgia Sheriffs who have endorsed him.

"Our men and women in blue right now, the morale is down. Recruitment is down. Right now, they've made criminals more important than our police officers," Walker said.

Walker says he's against any type of criminal justice reform that takes away people's Second Amendment rights. 

First crime bill each candidate plans to introduce

In an interview with NBC, Walker said he has "no idea" what his first crime bill would be. We asked his campaign again Tuesday. They did not respond. 

We also asked Warnock's campaign on what his first crime bill would be if re-elected. They replied saying generally, Warnock will continue making "strong investments" in public safety and support policies that curb violence.

The runoff is set for Tuesday, December 6.

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